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About Aspen Oss

Our Mission (to be defined, voorlopig onderstaande gebruiken)

Aspen Oss supplies complex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) of very high quality worldwide with an excellent customer service. Based on this value proposition our customers are able to build and maintain a sustainable position in the world of the pharmaceutical business. Our high level technology is developed over many years by our highly motivated and knowledgeable staff and business partners. Teamwork is and has been a key success factor in these developments. We act in a respectful manner towards society and environment. Safety, compliance and labour satisfaction are essential to support our business.

Working with us

Aspen Oss is a leading supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. A strong committed and enthusiastic team of product specialists are in direct contact with our customers worldwide, focusing on long-term partnerships.

We believe that the formation of closely aligned partnerships with our customers is the key to success in today’s business. We are dedicated to delivering high quality API all the time, while developing and maintaining lasting partnerships with our customers. Our sales managers are partners with extensive product and practical business experience. Along with the ability to communicate with your business at all levels, this experience translates into the value that you expect and deserve from your trusted API supplier.


Producing complex APIs for almost 100 years

Aspen Oss has a proud history in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, spanning over almost 100 years. The origins of Aspen Oss date back to 1923, when the owner of a slaughterhouse initiated the extraction of animal pancreases for the use in the production of insulin production. From these humble beginnings the operations have gradually been expanded, culminating in Aspen Oss’s position today as a global supplier and one of the world’s best known producers of chemical and biochemical Active Ingredients, many of which are registered and used in originator Drug Products

Aquisition of all API activities by Aspen
Merger of Schering-Plough and MSD
Aquisition of Organon by Schering-Plough
Integration of Organon and Diosynth
Foundation of Diosynth (part of Akzo Nobel)

Product locations

Location Moleneind, Oss, The Netherlands

The Moleneind site, located in the heart of Oss, commenced operations back in 1923. Numerous activities are performed on site, including our peptide manufacturing, biochemical manufacturing and chemical manufacturing. Furthermore, our Process and Analytical Development, Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments are located at Moleneind, as well as our stability chambers. At our facilities in Sioux City, USA and Boxtel, the Netherlands, we process starting material for the further manufacturing of a selection of our biochemical APIs.

> Accreditation: Dutch Health Authorities (DHA), US FDA, PMDA, ANVISA and others

Location Diosite, Oss, The Netherlands

The Diosite facility was constructed in the 1990’s and is a production facility dedicated to chemical manufacturing. This site contains a modern, computer-directed, multi-purpose factory used for larger production campaigns with reaction vessels up to a volume of 10,000 liters. Furthermore, the sieving, milling and micronisation of the APIs are performed at this site, in addition to the central warehousing and distribution operations.

Location Boxtel, The Netherlands

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Location Sioux City, Iowa, USA

Since many years, Aspen Oss runs a biochemical operation in Sioux City (Iowa, USA). In this facility, we collect porcine mucosa and produce a crude heparin, that is then transported to our facilities in Oss for final purification and product release. Having this Sioux City based facility in an important livestock area in the USA, provides close access to many large slaughterhouses, and thus to large mucosa quantities. Large-scale mucosa collection is indispensable to be able to continuously serve the world market needs for heparin sodium.