About Aspen Oss

Aspen Oss has a long history in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, stretching over 90 years. Our activities began in 1923, when Organon's founder and owner of a slaughterhouse Saal van Swanenberg started the extraction of animal components for the production of insulin for pharmaceutical use. Since that time, our operations have gradually been expanded leading to our current position as a global supplier and one of the world's best known producers of chemical and biochemical Active Ingredients.
The first 50 years of our existence we operated under the name of Organon. In 1971 the company Diosynth was founded, dedicated to API production. Diosynth was a sister company to Organon under the umbrella of the Dutch multinational company AKZO Nobel. Over the past few decades, the following organizational changes occurred:
  • 2005: re-integration of the Diosynth activities into Organon.
  • 2007: acquisition of Organon Biosciences by Schering-Plough
  • 2009: merger of Merck & Co. and Schering-Plough.
  • 2013: acquisition of API activities by Aspen Pharmacare (South-Africa)

Although we have undergone these organizational changes, our activities have not changed. We continue to focus on producing high quality Active Ingredients for our own use as well as for our customers' use.

Traditionally, our main therapeutic areas have been women's health (contraception and fertility), anesthesia and neuroscience, as these were the therapeutic areas of interest to former Organon. Additionally, we have the capabilities to produce a number of Active Ingredients specifically for our external customers. For more detailed information on our products, please see the chapter 'Products'.