Core Competences

Steroids production
Since many years, Aspen Oss is recognized as one of the world’s leading producers of steroids. A broad experience in cGMP manufacturing and extensive product know-how in the field of highly active human hormones are applied to offer our customers a consistent quality of steroidal Active Ingredients such as various estrogens, androgens, progestagens and muscle relaxants.

Heparin production
Aspen Oss has extensive expertise and over 90 years of experience in the large scale extraction and purification of biochemical products, in particular heparin sodium, from natural sources. We have established our own collection programs for starting materials using dedicated production plants. This enables us to comply with the highest standards for API quality, traceability and viral safety.

Peptides production
Peptides form another important product group within our portfolio. We apply Solution- and Solid-Phase based Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) as well as our proprietary “DioRaSSP” methodology that guarantees cost efficient manufacturing of large quantities of small to medium sized peptides. State-of-the-art chromatography based purification methods, in particular HPLC, deliver a range of high quality peptides.

Alkaloids production
Aspen Oss is one of the few major producers of alkaloid products worldwide. Over the last decades we have developed specific know-how and patented technology regarding the manufacturing and processing of these products.