Essentially, the product portfolio of Aspen Oss can be divided into the following two categories: Chemical and biochemical Active Ingredients.

Chemical Active Ingredients
Our manufacturing facilities contain more than 100 stainless steel and glass-lined reactor vessels with capacities ranging from 500 to 10,000 liters. The chemical reactions that are applied in our production include complex processes such as ethynylation, hydrogenation, reductions in ammonia and Grignard reactions. Microbiological fermenters convert steroidal starting material into the desired chemical Intermediates. A broad range of purification methods – such as filtration, chromatography and crystallization - are applied on a large scale. 
In our state-of-the art API Powder Processing and Dispensing Unit we process Active Ingredients by utilizing sieving, milling and micronization techniques to obtain the required particle size of our Active Ingredients, fitting our customer’s requirements. By utilizing advanced planning techniques and strict application of cleaning procedures, we are able to make use of a broad range of multipurpose reaction vessels in our API manufacturing plants.

Biochemical Active Ingredients
In our own dedicated facilities for extraction and purification activities, Aspen Oss oversees and controls the collection of the starting material up to the production of our Biochemical APIs. Starting material from natural origins are extracted on a large scale, leading to products in multi-ton volumes. Subsequent purification processes guarantee a consistent high quality end product. The biochemical manufacturing processes include validated viral removal steps.