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About Aspen Oss

Aspen Oss has a proud history in the production of APIs spanning over almost 100 years. We specialize in the production of complex, highly potent APIs (HPAPIs). We work from a deeply rooted and pro-active quality culture.

Our facilities are successfully inspected and approved by governmental authorities such as the US FDA, EMA, PMDA.

We offer our customers a true partnership by consistently delivering high product quality on schedule. Aspen Oss provides you extensive support at all stages of your project: from proof of concept forward through registration and commercialization.

About Aspen Group

Aspen Oss is part of South-African based Aspen Group, established from humble beginnings in Durban, South Africa. With a 160 years heritage Aspen has grown into a leading specialty and branded multinational pharmaceutical company.

An extensive basket of products treat a broad spectrum of acute and chronic conditions experienced through all stages of life. The core categories that receive the highest focus include Regional Brands, Anaesthetics, Thrombosis, High Potency and Cytotoxics.

For more information about Aspen Group, please click here.

With our competencies we can add significant value to your product or business goals.

Deeply rooted and pro-active

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Almost 100 years of experience

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> 120 DMFs filings globally

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ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 certified

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